The US Navy S.E.A.Ls are a Special Ops group of the US Navy, and the 2nd best in the US Military.

Training Edit

Marksmanship: S.E.A.Ls are tought to shoot M4 Carbines, M21 Sniper Rifles, 50. Sniper Rifles, AK-47s, M16s and Glock 23s at distances from: 55 yards, 77 yards, 83 yards, 93 yards, 98 yards, 114 yards, 145 yards, 180 yards, 195 yards, 216 yards, 315 yards, 375 yards, 390 yards and 430 yards.

Sonar and Sea Navigation: S.E.A.Ls are trained in the use of Sonar and are educated in underwater navigation.

Air and Sea Support: S.E.A.Ls are trained in the use of speed boats and underwater skis, naval weapons and Air Plane usage.

Demolitions and Explosives: S.E.A.Ls are trained in the usage of C4, Claymores, Bomb Defusing, TNT, Composition B, Grenades, Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers.

Martial Arts: S.E.A.Ls are trained in Kempo, Judo, Krav Maga, Kick Boxing and Knife Warfare.

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