US Marine Scout Snipers are the snipers of the US Marine Corps and believed to be the best snipers on earth.

Training Edit

Marksmanship: Marines must strike targets from distances ranging from 295 yards-15 miles with the M16A4, M21 and 50. Caliber.

Tactics: Marines must crawl miles to certain spots to do various targets without being spotted. Marines must then go through obsticule courses and do it all over again.

Stealth: Marines must then do various stealth courses, including a course in which they cannot be spotted while shooting.

Mental: Marines must study wind speed and direction, bullet types, rifles, wind mathmatics and science.

Conditioning: Marines must crawl through swamps and marshes underwater and on land. Marines must then traverse a mountain range, those who complain even slightly must carry a large 235 pound log while going over the mountains.

This all is spread out throughout 11 weeks.

Marines are then given hogs teeth, a neaklass signifying them as Marine Scout Snipers and Marines will then recite the sniper's creed. This whole training process goes on for ten weeks, with most parts being repeated daily.

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