United States Marine Force Reconnaissance is the Special Forces and Recon Platoon of the United States Marine Corps.

Training Edit

Phase One: Edit

Water and Swimming: As soon as Marines arrive, they are sent to a pool where they swim ten laps, then bob in the water for 45 minutes. Then they are passed an empty M16A4 assault rifle weighing seven pounds and they all must drop the rifle and swim to get it and then bring it back and pass it down. They then must pass 2, 5 and 10 pound weights down three times.

Marksmanship: Marines must hit targets ranging from 50-160 yards. Then they must do several cadences with their rifles.

Medical: Marines are trained in bandiging, stitching, disinfecting and removing injuries. Marines are then trained in medicine and vacines.

This is spread out over three weeks.

Phase Two: Edit

Reconnaissance, Sniping and Scouting: Marines are taught to spy on and record enemy movements, capablities, weaponry and numbers. Marines are then trained to shoot targets from at least 2 1/2 miles with scopes and M21s.

Martial Arts: Marines go through Ti Kwan Do and Judo training again.

This is spread out over three weeks.

Phase Three: Edit

Tactics: Marines are taught to combine Recon, Scouting and Sniping with old tactics.

Attacking: Marines are taught to attack compounds and use gurrillia warfare.

Conditioning: Marines are forced to carry their 80 pound rucks, seven pound rifles and a 10 pound fake cadavers in full uniform up a mountain while being tear gased without gas masks while being shouted at by Drill Instructors. This will take at least a day.

This is spread out over four weeks.

Marines then graduate and are shipped to countries abroad.

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