1944, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, the US Army Rangers are invading the beaches of Normandy. Among them is Captain John H. Miller, a US Army Ranger of 2nd Ranger Battalion, and leads a Platoon of Army Rangers. As his unit charges up the beach, his sniper shoots 2 MG nests and the rest of the unit kills several Germans. In the United States, it is realised that a woman has had 3/4 of her sons die in W.W.2, two at Omaha beach and one in Africa, and that her 4th son Private First Class James Ryan has been drop into France behind Utah Beach by the 101st Airborne Division and disappered behind enemy lines and the US Army cannot kill an entire family. Captain Miller and his Rangers are sent to find him and bring him home. Miller goes and passes through 2 towns in France and 1 Army Airborne base. They reach a German Army base carrying heavy artillery and light infantry. They clear it out but loss one of their own, the medic. They find a German survivor and almost kill him but Miller stops them and tells him to leave into the woods blindfolded. They go to a town where they find Ryan and inform him of what has happened. He refuses to be taken home and instead convenses them to come with him to defend the town. The Germans arive and so does the German survivor from the day earlier. Many German infantry are killed and also a few Americans. The newest member of the Ranger unit decides to attack a German infantry line and kills the survivor for betrayel of their trust and causing the death of several of them. Miller is shot in the leg and shoulder, but decides to begin shooting tanks and infantry with his pistol. As Miller is about to die, British Air Forces and Infantry arive and assist the team and repell the enemy. Miller unfortunetly dies but tells Ryan to fight on. The film ends with Ryan, now an old man speaking of Miller at his grave.

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