Samuel Nicholas was the inventor and first Captain-General of the United States Marine Corps.

 Nicholas was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a former British Royal Marine Officer father and a housewife mother. When he was 15, he began working as a Mason and town cryer. At age 30, 1775, the American Revolution had escalated, the British Government, greatly angering him. Nicholas quickly rode to the Second Continental Congress to present an idea for a Strongman Military force, the United States Marine Corps. His request was approved and he was given United States Marine Corps training and being a Strongman and ranked as Captain. He then uses the training on all Marines, making them the strongest and greatest fighting force on earth. The United States Marine Corps then starts the war against the British Royal Marine Corps, successfully as the United States Marine Corps takes North Carolina and the Bahamas. When the war ended, Nicholas returned to Philadelphia and in the 1790's died of old age.

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