United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman Becket's brother is killed in a Yeager, a machine that can be controlled manually through compatabllity of it's controllers. Becket later works on construction while the world falls apart due to Kyjui attacks, Kyjui are lizard, dinosaor and snake cross-beings that attack from through sea in Japan, the West Coast and other Pacific areas. The U.N rangers, a group of elites with no strength training, but vigorus amounts of training in Jiu Jetsiu, Karate, Tai Kwan Dui, Kung Fui and Wrestling, as well Marksmanship, Air Supperriority, Technoleadgey and Tactics and are in charge of the Yeagers. Major Marshall is a U.N Ranger Commander and former Yeager pilot and decides to request Becket to remain fighting. He accepts and is parred up with a woman that has a long history with Marshall.

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