M.A.R.S.O.C is the Special Operations unit of the United States Marine Corps.

Training Edit

Phase One: Edit

Marksmanship: As soon as Marines arrive at Camp Lejuene, they are trained in shooting the M16A4, M16A3, MP5, AK-47, RPG, KS-23 and M21 at distances ranging from 230 yards-5 miles and go through a series of rifle cadences.

Log PT: Marines are forced to lift 365 pound Oak logs in groups of seven in various cadences.

This is spread out over four weeks.

Phase Two: Edit

Conditioning: Marines must do 125 push ups, 215 sit ups and a 4 1/2 mile run. Marines must then repeat the crucible that they suffered in Basic Training. Marines must then do 45 pull ups and 305 sit ups. Marines then do 420 jumping jacks.

Torture: Marines then suffer electricution, beatings, waterboarding, tight spaces and little food or water for days.

This is spread out over six weeks.

Phase Three: Edit

Water and Swimming: Marines then must swim three miles in a pool and then the ocean. Marines then must survive deep ocean diving with and without diving equipment. Marines must then be trained in using water mobility equipment.

Beach Assault: Marines must do beach mile runs, beach assault drills and must be buried in the sand themselves.

Mental: Marines must suffer mental manipulation training, fear conquering, memorization and extreme mental presure.

This is spread out over six weeks.

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