John Rambo is a Vietnam war veteran and the main protagonist in the Rambo series. John Rambo joined the United States Marine Corps at age 18, making it into the Infantry and being stationed in South Vietnam. He is later accepted into the US Army Green Berets, making it through training easily and was staioned in North Vietnam and Laos. He joins M.A.C-V S.O.G as part of a special reconassaince and demolitions team. He becomes a skilled marksman and is made the team rifleman and demolitions expert. In which time he served in North Vietnam. However, he returns to the Green Berets and is made the LMG gunner and served in Cambodia. He joins the Armed Forces Boxing Championship and boxed against the US Navy, and won the Championship. He also began bodybuilding, wrestling and Boxing. While in Vietnam he learned from the people and fellow soldiers, how to speak Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. He also learned Cambodian Blood sport, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, United States Marine Corps Martial Arts, Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Combat Sambo, and Japanese JiuJitsu. He was captured by the North Vietnamese Army in 1971 in North Vietnam and was a prisoner of war, being tortured for two years before escaping. John fought for another year in Cambodia and Laos until the war ended and he was honorably discharged. He had achieved the Congressional Medal of Honor, Army Distinguished Service Award, 2 Purple Hearts, 4 Silver Stars, 3 Bronze Stars, Air Service Medal, Gold Star, Vietnam Campaign Award, and Distinguished Action Award. He is very strong and muscular, even strong enough to lift an M60 machine gun with one arm without being placed on a turret. He is heavily trained and experienced in the use of firearms, blades and blunt force melee weapons. He is also a skilled marksman and experienced with scoped weapons. He is extensively trained in explosives and chemical engineering. He has also been trained to survive in painful and dangerous conditions and to combat enemies in those horrible conditions. He is also extensively experienced in guerilla warfare and stealth.

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