List of portrayalsEdit

No. Photo Actor Portrayed in Year Media Number of Times Portrayed by Actor
1 Joseph Kilgour Washington Under the British Flag 1909 Short Film 1
2 Joseph Kilgour Washington Under the American Flag 1909 Short Film 2
3 Joseph Kilgour The Battle Cry of Peace 1915 Film 3
4 Joseph Kilgour The Dawn of Freedom 1916 Film 4
5 Joseph Kilgour Janice Meredith 1924 Film 5
6 Jeff Daniels The Crossing 2000 Television Film 1
7 Terry Layman The Patriot 2000 Film 1
8 George Washington played by David Morse David Morse John Adams 2008 Television Miniseries 1
9 Daniel Riordan Age of Empires III 2005 Video Game 1
10 Robin Atkin Downes Assassin's Creed III 2012 Video Game 1
11 Ian Kahn Turn 2014 Television Series 1

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