Seoul, South Korea, 2050, Jack Mitchell of the United States Marine Corps is fresh out of United States Marine Corps Boot Camp and the School of Infantry and shipped to South Korea for the defense of Seoul, which was being invaided by the North Korean Military. He is in Korea with his fellow Marine and best friend Will Irons. They are under command of Sergeant Cormack, an experienced Marine with a combat record a mile long. They land in Seoul with their team and meet up with Captain Daniels who tells them to hook up with a Demolitions team and destroy a war machine on the other side of the city. The team works their way through the city, finding the war machine. However, they find the demolitions team dead. They then move to takes the demo team's explosives and destroy the war machine. They get to the war machine, and Will places a bomb in it, but the machine closes his arm in at the last moment. Mitchell tries to pull Will's arm out, but Will pushes him away to avoid him also being killed. The bomb blows, killing Will. A piece of the debries lands on Mitchell, shredding his arm. Cormack is forced to tear Mitchell's arm off, and carry him to an evac site. Mitchell, Cormack, and several other Marines attend Will's funeral. There Mitchell meets Will's father, former C.I.A agent, and Supreme Commander and founder of the Atlas Military Corporation, Johnathan Irons. Mitchell is honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, but given a new job, by Johnathan Irons. One year later, Mitchell is given a new bodally movable prostedic arm, and is working in the Atlas Corporation. He is now under command of 1st Lieutenant Gideon, a former British Army soldier.

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