In England, Sergeant John "Soap" Mactavish is a British Army 3rd Battalion, 74th Airborne and S.A.S soldier ps trained by the S.A.S and meets Captain John Price, a British Army 4th Battalion, 349th Infantryman, 54th Airborne soldier, British Army Sniper and S.A.S soldier that serves as the Commander of the 22nd S.A.S Regiment. They are sent to the Bering Straight to attack a supply ship carrying a Nuclear Weapon. After securing the ship, they find out that the weapon is not there, so they take the manifest. The ship then begins to explode. The team escapes with the manifest and Price saves Soap's life. In the Ukraine, Nikolai, a Red Army soldier and British M.I.6 spy, is captured by Russian Army soldiers, who they saved. In the Middle East, United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman Paul Jackson is going on missions against various Middle Eastern Marine Corps. After these, the S.A.S team is sent on missions alongside the United States Marine Corps, led by United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman Griggs. Eventually they find out that the enemies commander is Russian Marine Corps Captain-General Imaran Zakaov, who is killed by United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman Griggs.

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