US Army Special Forces operative Frank Vega is sent to North Vietnam in 1964 to fight the North Vietnamese Army. In Vietnam, Frank meets Staff Sergeant "Klondike" Washington, an African-American US Army 2nd Air Cavalry Martial Artist, who eventually became his best friend. They both retire after 7 years in the Vietnam war. Frank returns to find that his girlfriend had cheated on him and remarried, as well, the Police had not allowed him to become a cop, and to top it off, he cannot get a job due to him not having a college degree. He then is forced to work as a hot dog cart vender, until 40 years later of doing the same job and living off of $800 a month, a hot dog truck takes his business. One day, he was on a bus when two skinheads nearly attack an elderly African-American, before Frank stops them, offers them his seats and sits down. They then walk over and attempt to attack him, but he then knocks them both out. After this, he is considered a hero. His happiness dies when his Mother does. After the funeral, he is given his Mother's house and dog. He and Klondike go to his Mother's house where they begin drinking, until Klondike goes out to get cigarettes from a store. While walking back, Klondike is stopped by two thieves who demand that he give something back and then point a gun at him. Klondike knocks them back, but is shot. In the morning, Frank is called asking for him to identify Klondike's body. Frank shows extreme grief and asks the detectives if they will find those responsible. He finds out that all of the detectives were working to find the murderer of a white man. Frank is furious and takes matters into his own hands and finds out the murder weapon and one of those responsible. After some questioning, Frank finds Terrance and removes his fingers until he finds out that the other, Sebastian, pulled the trigger and knows who the leader is. 

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